Hi there! I'm Cinnamon.

I hail from the prairie lands of North Dakota, am often told that I think too much (whatever that means), and possess an enthusiasm for enthusiasm. I enjoy irregular plurals and loathe getting snow in my socks.

I'm endlessly fascinated by people, culture, and the world we create thanks to an MA in Social Design, with a specialization in intervention design, from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Fine Art from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I also managed to get myself into a PhD class on Freud and the intersection of psychology and anthropology once, too, so there's that.

Because my mind is often in overdrive, I spend a lot of time traveling, exploring the outdoors, and meditating to keep existential crises at bay. So far I've lived in seven cities across the globe and have traveled to plenty more. These days I spend most of my time in Minneapolis and Latin America with my dog, Gus, by my side. When I'm not typing away you can find me learning life lessons from the ocean (or Lake Superior) on my surfboard and laboring to perfect my Spanish with mixed results.

You can email me by clicking on the mail icon below. As always, I'd love to hear from you—especially if it's about some work you think I'd be perfect for or a compliment on Gus' (extremely high) cuteness level that you'd like to share.